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8 Guidelines for the World Cafe

8 Guidelines for the World Cafe

I had intended to draw individual table cards for each of the 8 guidelines for participants in the world cafe. However, due to time constraints and other preparation for the session, I ended up taking the whiteboard from my office wall on which I had sketched the principles as part of my preparations.

I am generally not that comfortable with sharing my whiteboard sketches – I haven’t mastered the format and find I have less control with the whiteboard markers. I always thought whiteboard sketching would be easier because you can erase your mistakes so easily, but I never know where to rest my hand, and find it hard to control the markers with just a pinky finger holding my hand/arm steady.

Anyhow, I think this sketch had the desired effect of providing basic information, and will provide a starting point for me when I finally get around to inking the guidelines for real.