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Me in a Nutshell: Assignment 1 for Alphachimp Rockstar Scribe Course

Me in a Nutshell: Assignment 1 for Alphachimp Rockstar Scribe Course

I started the Rockstar Scribe course today and this was the product. The assignment was to introduce yourself to the class by representing responses to guiding questions about your life, preferences, and goals. I took some time to do this – about 2 hours in total, so it’s far more than I would spend on a typical real-time sketchnote, and because I had time to sit and plan and ponder, I think the outcome is better than most of my real-time sketchnotes/recordings. Or maybe I’m just improving?

I was thinking a lot about my learning trajectory for graphic recording/scribing today as I was outlining my goals for this course. I know I haven’t hit my 10,000 hours yet, which is what it’s supposed to take for you to be adept at a skill. So, I’ll continue chipping away at it, and hope to see some marked improvements over the next few weeks/months as I work through this course and consider the various techniques and tools presented throughout.

To me, the feedback is really one of the most important pieces of the puzzle other than practice and application. I want to learn from people who’ve done their 10,000 hours (or whatever that means in other terms of reference). That’s what I’m looking for most from this course and from sharing all of the work that I share in my various learning networks.

So, please feel free to share your thoughts on my work. What would you do differently? Are there strategies or resources that you can recommend which might help me to take a different approach to something or learn more about a particular area? I’m open to hearing your thoughts! That’s why I share 🙂