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Thoughts on Urban Scale: Tim Makower

Thoughts on Urban Scale: Tim Makower

I attended this “archilecture” by Tim Makower of Makower Architects at TALK Qatar, March 18, 2014.

It is always interesting for me to sketchnote talks that are outside my area of expertise. Tim spoke about his forthcoming book on the topic of urban scale, which draws on examples from Detroit to Qatar, which should also be interesting.

He spoke about Doha, and you can see sub-themes of connectedness and growth in my sketch. It is widely known that Doha is a city that has failed to design for pedestrians. I was happy to hear Tim speak of ‘pedestrianizing’ the downtown (West Bay) of Doha, as it is currently not only impassable on foot in places, but also can be quite dangerous to those of us who are brave enough to attempt the journey from the Corniche to City Centre, say.

Tim’s talk was lively and upbeat. I only wish he had had more time to delve into some of the ideas a little more. For example, the construct of grain, which I didn’t quite grasp, and I think I have failed to capture in my sketch.

One of the things I liked about Tim’s presentation is his use of sketches, which have a distinct rustic style. Tim’s sketches can also be found on his blog – Thinking Quietly: http://makowerarchitects.com/blog/

The following is information provided by TALK prior to the event:

TALK reminder for this Tuesday 18th March 2014 in the Majlis at the Grand Hyatt Doha featuring our guest speaker Tim Makower, Principal of Makower Architects, who will look from the past to the future at Doha, the fast-moving city where the intimate and the super-scaled co-exist. Tim will ask ‘how do we relate to our built environment, at the scale of ourselves, the scale of the city and the scale of our global experience?’

Makower Architects are an international practice specialized in architecture and urbanism, based in Doha and London. Tim’s current projects include the Al Rayyan Gate Masterplan at Al Wajba, a ‘Living Heritage Strategy’ for Old Doha and a vision for the Doha Corniche. Tim is deeply engaged in culture, history and academia and is also the founder and lead facilitator of the Old Doha Prize, a competition and week-long design residency for UK and Qatari architects.

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