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QITCOM 2014: Innovating Today for the Future of Qatar

QITCOM 2014: Innovating Today for the Future of Qatar

Jim McKelvey’s engaging talk on the 6 Golden Truths in business was the inspiration for this sketchnote. The co-founder of Square was down-to-Earth, lively, and told a great story. His message was clear and simple, and the organization of his talk was apparent in my notes.

I rarely try to sketch speakers in a realistic manner, but for some reason, I did it for Jim’s talk and I was quite happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite capture Rishi – the speaker who followed Jim (he is bald and there’s just nothing to hide behind…no glasses, no beard, etc.), so there is an empty space next to his name.

I also missed the beginning slide of Rishi’s talk, so my notes are missing some key information at the beginning. I realize that I’ve been doing mostly live graphic recordings rather than sketchnotes these days, so I’m a little rusty.

Anyhow, I enjoyed these two sessions at QITCOM, and Jim’s story about Bob’s Corsica was touching and memorable. I’m happy I got that on paper 🙂