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Appreciate Inquiry #1

AI session part 2 for Science Instructors

I attended this session, which was part 2 of an Appreciative Inquiry process for Science Instructors in early April. I attended for approximately 1.5 hours, which I didn’t feel was long enough, but as I am still volunteering my services for practice, it was all I could afford during an already full week. The group was welcoming and enthusiastic, so this helped with my energy during the session. Graphic recording is much like teaching in this way for me – I feed off the energy of the group and it definitely affects both process and product.

I had initially set out to do this particular session because I thought it might involve “science-y” language that would challenge me beyond the usual education-based recordings I’ve done. I am also interested in learning more about the Appreciative Inquiry process, and hope to complete the facilitator’s training workshop in the coming year, so this was my first taste of the inner workings of this approach. While the Science instructors focused more on education topics than on specific Science topics, I incorporated some science-themes in the drawings (fortune teller excluded!). The AI approach and materials also seem to lend themselves nicely to metaphor and design; for example, “energy” themes. I look forward to representing more AI sessions in the future.

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