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Philip Long: THE2013

My sketchnotes from Philip Long’s opening plenary Learning Unleashed: Innovation in Teaching & Learning Achieves Critical Mass April 16, 2013

2013-04-16 11.17.55

It was great to be back at the Technology in Higher Education conference in Doha this year. Last year I posted my iPad drawings from the conference, which I used as an opportunity to try out the iPad app Brushes. This year for a variety of reasons, I decided to go old-school and toted my markers and sketchbook to the conference on technology (hey! markers and paper are technology too!)

This keynote kicked off the 2-day conference and I loved Philip’s use of visual imagery in his slides and in his words. You can see how fond I was of metaphors like “disruption” and the part about the “chain reaction” leading to “critical mass”. Philip was an engaging speaker and his passion for the subject was palpable. This always helps me stay motivated throughout the session, and I think his energy can be seen in my notes.

This was a great opening plenary – inspiring and energetic! An appropriate way to begin a conference on technology for sure!