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Technology-enhanced Teaching Seminar (TwT)


I first met Holly Morris (@hysmor) last year when she visited CNAQ to do some training with us for Desire2Learn. Holly has since piloted a 10-week seminar for both online and blended learning instructors at College of the North Atlantic. At this year’s Teaching With Technology conference, Holly shared some of the content of this seminar and addressed some points of change/improvement moving forward.

I can’t wait until we get through our initial training here at CNAQ so we can start delving into these types of seminars to get people thinking about how to really embrace principles of blended learning to enhance the online and classroom experience for their learners.

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Thinking Outside the Box (TwT)


Kelly Taylor-Hulan (@TaylorHulan) gave us an upbeat presentation on some of the ways she is using technology creatively while continuing to straddle the real and virtual worlds in which her learners live and learn.

She spoke about translating traditional practices to the online classroom, and it is clear that she is enthusiastic about keeping her students engaged and helping them to experience a personal connection with their instruction, whether online or in F2F learning environments. She is a firm advocate of giving presents, and continues to utilize snail mail for sending surprises like an invitation to her Online Holiday Party (which includes an exam review). She also sends her learners goodies like snacks which they can eat during the Online Party. While she still sends electronic certificates to recognize students’ successes, she also sends an old-fashioned hard copy in the mail.

I think my sketchnote captures these ideas, and reading it now, the presentation comes back to me immediately. What I haven’t captured is Kelly’s infectious enthusiasm for teaching. You really had to be there for that!

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