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3 Keys to Brainstorming…

3 Keys to Brainstorming…



Graphic Change

Graphic Change

I came across this website for Graphic Change – a graphic recording/facilitation service doing beautiful and amazing work in the UK and Europe. They have been featured in a great article on graphic recording in Inside Out magazine, which is on their website, too. I’m inspired!! Maybe one day I’ll have my very own website like this!

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Read my article in Private Sector Qatar!

Read my article in Private Sector Qatar!

I’m excited to be featured in this month’s issue of Private Sector Qatar. My article is called “Picture This!” and can be found on page 36-37. Check it out! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here is a description of the magazine:

Private Sector is a monthly magazine, in Arabic and English, supported and presented by QDB, and published by CPI.
It is aimed at business owners and senior executives in the private sector in Qatar. Armed with practical advice, it highlights key issues for the business community.

The English edition of the magazine aims to provide guidance and information to expat business owners and large foreign enterprises looking to setup business in Qatar. Armed with information on how to find local partners, employment regulations and more, Private Sector is the go-to guide for businesses in Qatar.

The magazine addresses real issues faced by business decision makers and entrepreneurs, without resorting to jargon. We understand that often, in the private sector, specialist business decisions are made by the owners. At the same time, the content is equally relevant and useful for specialist, senior executives in mid-level enterprises. The magazine style is conversational and vibrant – suited to the business community in this sector.

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Visualization Research

This video briefly discusses results of experimental research from University of St. Gallen showing the benefits of using interactive visualization for knowledge sharing in management teams.

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