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Alphachimp Module 2

Alphachimp Module 2

I’m happily working through Module 2 of the Rockstar Scribe course now.

I just love having the paper up on the wall and the mess of the apartment with all my markers and supplies! It’s much more inspiring than starting with a clean place and having to set up from scratch.

This image is my “Cityscape” practice. Peter’s lesson on quick shading was fun, and after practicing on some squares, I was able to whip this one up in about a minute or two! It’s not at all accurate, but the iconic Tornado Tower made it in, as well as the Burj Qatar (the spaceship-looking one with the circles). I also included a tower that was inspired by the towers at the Pearl, and I forgot all about the pyramid-shaped Sheraton which I know is a total faux-pas since that was the original solitary structure in West Bay not so long ago, apparently. Oops – will have to add that to my next Doha sketch!