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Appreciative Inquiry #2

Appreciative Inquiry #2

My second AI session was with a group of AI facilitators-in-training in mid-April. The group was fantastic – energetic, inquisitive, and full of great metaphors and creative ideas. I was inspired by the AI materials and their use of the daisy, so I incorporated the flowers as a tool to organize group contributions. However, organization continues to pose challenges for me in real-time situations. I guess this is always a challenge – choosing what to write, how to represent it (i.e., text, pictures, which pictures will evoke the best connection to the original idea, etc.) and where to put it on the poster. If I over-think this part, I am immobilized and waste valuable time that I could be using for listening and filtering more from the group. If I start committing too soon, I may miss an opportunity for more appropriate placement of ideas. I’m not getting too stressed about this in the moment, as I think it could ruin the entire experience; however, I do reflect on this process afterwards and wonder whether and how I could have done things differently.

I was particularly pleased with the content of this poster, as I again was pressed for time – 1.5 hours total and no post-session edits. There is a lot of white space, but it seems to work with this particular poster. The colours are appealing, and I think I was able to really capture the essence of the entire segment I attended.

There was a lot of interest from the group about graphic recording, and the facilitators invited me to come back at the end of the week to give a short presentation on my experiences of graphic recording – specifically in the 2 AI sessions I have done.

I am even more eager to complete the AI facilitator training now, as I think it will give me more insights into the process that will help me to provide better representations of these sessions.

Thank you to the attendees of this group, who were so complimentary and enthusiastic about having me record their session. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and to be involved in your training week!

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Appreciate Inquiry #1

AI session part 2 for Science Instructors

I attended this session, which was part 2 of an Appreciative Inquiry process for Science Instructors in early April. I attended for approximately 1.5 hours, which I didn’t feel was long enough, but as I am still volunteering my services for practice, it was all I could afford during an already full week. The group was welcoming and enthusiastic, so this helped with my energy during the session. Graphic recording is much like teaching in this way for me – I feed off the energy of the group and it definitely affects both process and product.

I had initially set out to do this particular session because I thought it might involve “science-y” language that would challenge me beyond the usual education-based recordings I’ve done. I am also interested in learning more about the Appreciative Inquiry process, and hope to complete the facilitator’s training workshop in the coming year, so this was my first taste of the inner workings of this approach. While the Science instructors focused more on education topics than on specific Science topics, I incorporated some science-themes in the drawings (fortune teller excluded!). The AI approach and materials also seem to lend themselves nicely to metaphor and design; for example, “energy” themes. I look forward to representing more AI sessions in the future.

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