Visioning with Purpose

Visioning with Purpose

Last night, I was invited to a friend’s house to make vision boards. On my way there, I was browsing Society magazine because it was one of two magazines in the back of the taxi and traffic was typically horrific at 4:30pm on a Thursday afternoon.

I stumbled upon an article by Marie Quigley about living a life with purpose (unfortunately, at the time of writing, her article has not yet been uploaded to but I will add a link when it is). I thought her ideas might provide some inspiration and a bit of a framework for us as we worked on our vision boards, so rather than ripping the pages out of the magazine (I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!), I photographed each of the main points and their descriptions. Instead of making my own vision board with my friends, I decided to make a poster based on Quigley’s article. I thought I would share it here, since I really like how it turned out!

The photo is not the best, so I will post some close-ups of each section shortly.


4 thoughts on “Visioning with Purpose

  1. marie says:

    Love that my article has inspired your wonderful graphic recording. Thank you for sharing Jenn

  2. Marcy Yeager says:

    I love this! We met at AI training and I was in awe but your work just gets better and better and your positive message is a joy to read. Would it be ok if I shared this image with my classes?

    • jennwicks says:

      Hi Marcy!
      Great to hear from you.

      Please do share my blog and any of the images posted here with whomever you like 🙂

      And if you have a moment, I’d love to hear any feedback of how you used it, any discussion it might have inspired, etc.

      Take care!

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