D2l Fusion 2013: Social Learning & Collaboration

D2l Fusion 2013: Social Learning & Collaboration

This is what I would call a “miss”…though I think this requires some reflection and discussion to better understand what constitutes a “miss” for me. Clearly, the fact that there were 5 panelists and I only have information from one of them indicates that I have failed to capture enough in terms of sheer quantity. The speakers whose content does not appear here will recognize that this is a poor attempt at getting their main points on paper.

On the other hand, I quite like the aesthetic effect of what I did manage to record. So, that counts for something, right?

Anyhow, at another time (when I am not in the middle of a long conference week perhaps), I would love to get a discussion going on my observations of commonalities between sessions that I capture well versus those I capture poorly or do not capture at all. It would be amazing to hear from other graphic recorders/sketchnoters on this issue!


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