D2L Fusion 2013: Hindsight is 20/20…

D2L Fusion 2013: Hindsight is 20/20...

It was a pleasure to hear Barbara speak about her experiences of helping the faculty at Georgia College to transition from Blackboard to D2L.

We all recognize that it is easier to look back critically at what we could have/should have done, and it is courageous to share the lessons we learn with strangers; opening ourselves up to critique and judgement.

Barbara spoke frankly about the experiences at Georgia College, and as a result, I was able to take away some concrete ideas for training, and consider things that Barbara might do differently given the opportunity (e.g., waiting to start training until closer to the term in which the course will be taught; utilizing the D2L Community).

Also, it was beneficial to hear experiences of things to expect – not necessarily successful or less so. At CNAQ, we will be beginning training in August, so it will be a learning experience for trainers and faculty alike. Hearing some of the basics of Barbara’s Training Outline was helpful in validating what we have already planned.

The audience discussion and questions in this session also provided some interesting considerations, and some of these are represented in the sketchnote; for example, holding a fun launch party, utilising existing self-paced tutorials, and the “minute-to-get-it” emails that someone shared from the audience.

As Barbara highlighted, it’s all about showing faculty the value for them (i.e., establishing re-usable course infrastructure; harnessing the power of asynchronous communication, etc.) and for their students.


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