Great Teachers Retreat Mar 21-23 2013


After last year’s marathon session (and my first major graphic recording), I was able to make better decisions about planning the poster, gathering the information for the poster, and the drawings/text for the recording. I also had my Neuland markers this year, so that made a big difference in terms of the quality of the product.

Because the GTR is held in a large echo-y room and consists of a series of whole-group and break-out-group sessions, it is a challenge to divide myself up in order to glean the highlights and salient points from each group. In fact, I would say it is impossible to do so. However, having the benefit of attending 3 GTRs in Qatar, I already have a sense of the themes that arise, so that helps me as I’m not going into this cold. I was also able to anticipate the format of the sessions, which helped immensely in the planning of space for the poster.

If you compare with last year’s GTR poster, you will find many differences. One of the most significant changes is the size and amount of the text on the poster. I didn’t try to capture every phrase uttered by participants this year, and I also kept in mind the colours that don’t transfer well onto photos/digital scans.

All in all, it was a pleasure to record this session again this year. It was also a lot hectic as I was able to attend the entire 3 days and take my time with gathering the information (as opposed to last year’s crazy day of constant listening and sketch noting).

I would love to hear from participants to see how the poster reflects your experience (or not) and what your thoughts are on the themes generated.

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