Steve Wheeler: THE2013

Steve Wheeler: THE2013

Steve was another charismatic speaker with a great presentation style at this year’s THE conference in Doha. His talk, entitled “Learning Futures: Emerging Technologies, Pedagogies and Contexts” was both funny and informative. The audience clearly connected with him through his creative use of visuals and techniques for getting us to think critically about the images.

One of his key messages about the flipped classroom is to flip roles, not just the classroom (see lower right corner of my notes). This is so important for teachers, and I know that this will be critical in contexts where students resist doing homework at the best of times. Linking this to Derek Bruff’s talks on Social Learning this week, I think both of these speakers indicate the need to help students invest in their own learning by allowing greater sharing and a certain self-awareness about audience and one’s own performance in the learning environment. As Steve highlighted, smart/mobile technology takes the classroom into the world. We need to help our students see the “village” that is helping to ‘raise them’ in the academic sense.

The theme of disrupted technologies also carried over in Steve’s talk from Philip’s plenary earlier in the day. The ubiquitous technology and connectivity that is available today can be harnessed through games, mobile learning, and strategic use of learner analytics. We need to keep these in mind while also remembering that the learning is our primary goal in education, and technology is not the driver.

I also loved the term “Darwikinism” (not sure of the spelling!) which he used to refer to the ‘survival of the fittest content’. This is interesting as we shift further to user-generated content and are exposed to (or create) the bricolage-type mixed media that does and will continue to challenge us in education (i.e., issues of policy, ethics, pedagogy, assessment, etc.).

What a great starting point for further discussion! I wish I had more blog traffic 🙂


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