Derek Bruff: THE2013

Derek Bruff: THE2013

These are my notes for Derek Bruff’s plenary Technologies for Learning: Creating Active Learning Environments in Today’s Classroom at THE2013.

Derek has the gift of the Prezi, and uses his own photos to enhance and personalize his presentations. For some reason, this seemed to translate to very few images in my capture. In hindsight, seeing the entire Prezi from the start would have helped me to better organize my notes, but I guess this is how our students feel when we don’t give them the roadmap at the outset. I don’t think this was a problem for other audience members – this talk was very easy to follow and the audience engaged throughout. However, as a graphic recorder, not having the roadmap can make things more challenging for you in terms of organization, linking, colour palette, space planning, etc.

I really enjoyed this talk, and was pleased to get the opportunity to chat with Derek at the breaks and on Twitter. We talked about looking into research on how students take notes, so if anyone has any insight into this area of study, please send along links or resources!

Check out Derek’s website:


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