Derek Bruff 2: THE2013

Derek Bruff 2: THE2013

This session with Derek Bruff entitled, Social Pedagogies: Motivating Students through Social Media & Authentic Audiences was a second kick at the can after Derek’s first talk when I seemed to fail at incorporating visuals into my notes!

I spent a lot of time on the title, but I’m happy with the result. I still managed to be finished just shortly after the talk ended (despite a flurry of important summary points at the very end! 🙂

As I tweeted earlier today, I have some serious Prezi envy for Derek’s amazing Prezis! Having lots of really cool pictures and visuals in your presentation can inspire the notetaker, and I usually try to find different imagery than the ones presented, so this adds a different dimension to the process of knowledge construction.

One of the things I like about Derek’s work is his focus on the student and their learning experience. The idea of “authentic audience” is something that I would like to explore further in the context of assessment and getting creative with our view of what learning products ‘count’ in (and outside of) the classroom.


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