Capitalizing on Today, Visualizing Tomorrow: THE2013 Panel

Capitalizing on Today, Visualizing Tomorrow: THE2013 Panel

This panel discussion proved challenging for me in my notetaking. There was no clear plan at the outset, and speakers were basically just trying to summarize the main points from Day 1 of the conference from their academic/professional perspective. Nonetheless, it was an interesting discussion and good practice for me.

Obviously, I relied almost exclusively on text, and because things moved pretty quickly, it was difficult to do much else. Basically, I started out with a title and the four people and then I just took out my pen and started scribing what was said.

One crucial takeaway for me as a dedicated notetaker at this conference is how critical it is for a speaker to set a plan for the audience at the very beginning. This can be done visually (i.e., if you have a Prezi, let the audience see the global view) or with a few points about how you will proceed through each of your topics. This is not only helpful for the notetakers (although it is especially important for us!), but also for listeners more generally, as human beings learn better when we know where we’re going.

One of the most interesting things about this panel was that a student was invited to speak, and Nour provided an interesting perspective that we don’t often get to hear in this type of venue. She emphasized the (potential) agency of students and stressed the value of peer-peer teaching. She also pointed out that students are generally up-to-date with what’s trending (although, as Steve Wheeler cautioned, we shouldn’t make assumptions about technological savvy based solely on age). She also expressed her frustration as a student with educators and policymakers who don’t seem to want to change, and said that changing the attitude of these individuals is necessary.


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