Jason Pearlman on Perfectionism

I always talk about perfectionism with regard to my music…There’s a certain irony that sometimes comes with getting good at something – particularly art. Once people recognize you as an Artist, there can be pressure. Pressure to be better, pressure to be prolific. And sometimes that means debilitating pressure.

When I found graphic recording, it was such a relief to be in the exploration phase of a craft. No pressure from expectations because I’m just learning! It’s a beautiful thing. I’m still in that phase, but feel that there might be some kind of self-imposed expiration looming in the near future. Oh, perfectionism. Why do you stifle me so?

Read Pearlman’s thoughts on the issue. I think he captures it well. (Nice coffee cup!)

Jason Pearlman

I am a perfectionist. Not an amateur perfectionist whom merely dots every “i” and crosses every “t”; I’m a pro whom makes sure that the dot above the “i” is perfectly round and the cross through the “t” extends out evenly on both sides. And to be sure, I zoom into the letters at 6400% in Illustrator just to check. It’s always served me well as a production artist, where exactitude and methodical perfectionism are mandatory for creative deliverables. It has, however, hampered me as an artist and illustrator.

I’ve always been a left-brained artist, not so much “creative” as technical. I don’t look to blow people away with out-of-the-box thinking; I just look to tantalize eyes with aesthetically-resonate artwork. Of course, artists are more animal than calculator, and in the past, I’ve had to fight against this perfectionism. In art school, I quickly became proficient in realistic oil painting…

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