Doha Debates – A lesson in notetaking with Brushes

This is a slide showing my notes from Doha Debates on March 19th, 2012. I had the opportunity to attend the live taping of the debate thanks to a colleague who managed to snag me a ticket (thank you!!). The audience comments and questions were intriguing and informative, while the panel itself left much to be desired for this particular debate. I was happy to have the chance to attend and see how it all happens behind the scenes. It was also another chance to try out my note taking skills using Brushes.

I struggled with whether to post this as-is. You can see where I got tired/lazy and my handwriting gets sloppy. I’ve been meaning to edit this slide, but things are piling up, and I’d rather share it unedited, than keep it too long and not want to share it at all. This is a test of my perfectionism – to let something go before it’s polished to my liking. So, here it is – warts and all! If I do get around to editing the slide, I will certainly post the edited version for comparison.

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