Prezi on Visual Meetings (David Sibbet)

Prezi on Visual Meetings by David Sibbet

I continue to be amazed with the visual facilitators and recorders I keep finding online. This Prezi beautifully illustrates how multiple approaches to facilitating creative group processes can complement one another in different settings. I personally enjoy the stickies – I use them with my students a lot. I also thought it was interesting that Powerpoint found its place in this creative document. Powerpoint gets a bad rap, but can indeed be useful in certain contexts and for specific purposes.

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5 thoughts on “Prezi on Visual Meetings (David Sibbet)

  1. Nice Post, and nice Prezi. I’ve done some work with Prezi, and I like how the interface is improving. Powerpoint does get knocked a bit, and outright trashed by Edward Tufte, but when PPT is left to designers, good work can still come out of it.

    • jennwicks says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the tip on Tufte…it’s a whole new sweater for me to unravel! I checked out his book, The Cognitive style of PowerPoint, from the library yesterday (very oldschool of me, I know). I particularly enjoyed the “table of casualities” – hilarious. I see that he also has some newer work that I’m going to look for (i.e., Beautiful Evidence).

      Also, this older article is interesting for anyone who wants to check out why PowerPoint is evil.

      • If you ever get a chance, try to attend his seminar. It’s a day-long affair, which he holds all over the country, and is extremely informative and rather interesting.

  2. Pamela M says:

    I saw a prezi done at work last year and absolutely loved it. Caught everyone’s attention. Great work Wicks….keep it up my friend!!

    • jennwicks says:

      Hey Pam!
      Thanks for the support! I’m learning how to use Prezi now…the one by David Sibbet is pretty amazing. I find it both mesmerizing and annoying, though. While I like the connections between visuals and the functionality of zooming in and out, I don’t like that I can’t see the whole picture. I kept trying to see the “end”…maybe there’s a way to do that, and I just need to find it 🙂


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